Saturday, March 31, 2007

It All Began With Vogue (part II)

After I fell in love with the vintage Vogue magazines I couldn't just let them sit and gather dust. So, I decided to frame some of my favorite Vogue ads in a display on my bedroom wall.

I also made a way cool retro looking Vogue end table.

 seems to have a nice selection of fashion and design print collectibles.

It All Began With Vogue

Well, my parents have been dragging me to antique shops since I could barely walk. But, I was never really interested until I had to go to the bathroom in one! I went to the bathroom in an antique shop that had walls completely wallpapered in ads from vintage Vogue magazines. That's when everything changed! I fell in love with the beautiful drawings and photography. And, the sassy outfits the women wore were the best! I immediately began scooping up all of the vintage Vogues I could find! I love the beautiful colors in this cover!

Ahhh, it's a flower child.

Is this woman sassy or what?

Bazaar also has some amazing art work like this oh so cool outfit!

I don't know what's going on here but she sure looks elegant doing it!