Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mod Or Fraud?

Do you have an eye for all things mod? Take this fun Mod Or Fraud Quiz. I found this fun quiz at Vintage Fashion Guild. Check them out too while you're at it. They are a great resource for vintage clothing.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day, Summer, The Beach & Ponytails!

Well, it's been a while since I've posted because I was visiting my parents again for the Memorial Day weekend. Their computer is so slow I don't even bother! I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. I got to spend time with lots of family and friends. Now summer is officially here! Yay! I should be able to update the blog more this summer. I can't wait to spend my summer like these 3 lovely ladies. I love the glasses on the lady in the middle. Actually, I'm not much for baking myself in the sun. I spent a little too much time out in the sun (on an overcast day) Friday and ended up with a sun rash. That has NEVER happened before! But, I am looking forward to swimming (which I love to do) and lazing around. I also noticed that each of these ladies has a ponytail. I'm also looking forward to that. I probably noticed the ponytails because I just got done taking a shower so I could "practice" fixing my hair after washing it. How pathetic is that! I couldn't risk screwing it up in the morning and not having time to fix my disaster. I'm letting my hair grow and I'm centimeters away from being able to have a ponytail. I can't wait! I'm sort of in turmoil about the hair right now. I have had a bob for a few years now. I love the retro/ mod look of a nice classic bob. But I decided maybe it was time for a change. I hope I don't regret all the time wasted growing it out. It's actually been pretty easy since it was all one length. But, I decided to let it grow right after getting an unfortunate slightly too short haircut so it is taking a long time.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cleaning The Airwaves

I just got done watching the season finale of American Idol. I now feel the need to clean the airwaves and put the world back in balance!

I found this video a few months ago when I was looking for a demonstration for a music class I was teaching. I LOVE it! The hippie girls dancing in the background are so cute! The little girls in my class loved them. I have always thought there could never be anything attractive about David Crosby but they are ALL so adorable. I love the way the one guy (I can't keep all of their names straight) peeks over the top of his glasses. And, the tambourine player flipping his hair is the stuff teen idols are made of! After watching this I looked them up on Wikipedia. Unfortunately, several of them met tragic, untimely death. So sad!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Beautiful Bangles

Are these the most beautiful bangles you've seen or what??? I love the colors! Why, oh why, do I have to be so poor?? You can find these great bangles and lots of new items at Recy Vintage. Recy is the highest quality internet seller I have ever dealt with. When I purchased from her she had great communication and was extremely friendly. She sent me a lovely package that made me feel like I was opening a present! If you want to see what a truly wonderful spirit she has check out her blog at Zazazu. Her blog is so inspiring. It gives me something to think about every day. Please take the time to check out her store at Recy Vintage. You won't regret it!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Blogger's Choice Nominee

Please vote for Retro Romance in 4 Blogger's Choice Award categories. All you have to do is click the links below and vote. The support of all the readers out there is greatly appreciated. Please help make Retro Romance a winner.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

I Need A Drink

After the week I've had at work I need a drink! Unfortunately, I think I might have a cold (caused by stress) so I probably shouldn't. Someone told me once if you don't know for sure that it's a cold it's probably allergies. So, who knows! I took some Airborne this morning. Has anyone tried that stuff? I think it totally works! I got generic this time and for some reason it tastes REALLY gross! I don't know if I can drink anymore. Maybe it's allergies. All I know is right now I'm dreaming about having a nice drink. Nice has the most lovely vintage barware. I love this swanky ice bucket! It looks like it came from the Rat Pack's hotel room in Vegas. I think these are some pretty hip bar glasses also. They would be perfect for a nice Long Beach Iced Tea. Nice used to have a lot more great barware. It must have sold. I hope they get some more in.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Take This Job And Shove It

So, I hate my job. Actually, more than my job I hate the people I work with! Sometimes I wish I was the lady in this photo. She looks like she has a nice little office job where she files papers and types all day long. That sounds soooo relaxing. I know if you are someone out there who has this kind of job you will say it's not that great. But, it HAS to be better than what I'm doing! There are many times when I think life would be easier if I lived 50 years ago. I probably wouldn't even have a job. I would be married to Ward Cleaver and spend my days at home baking cookies for Wally and Beaver. If I did have to work I would probably be doing what this woman is doing. No one would expect much of me! I know that is so wrong! I should be grateful that I live in the 21st century and I can have any career I want. I should feel lucky to have so many options available to me! But, for today (and maybe tomorrow) I want to be the lady in the picture.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Modeling Mid-Century Modern

Have any of you checked out the blog Modeling Mid-Century Modern? I love this place. This guy does technical drawings of Mid-Century Modern homes. But, in his off time he posts photos of the most awesome mod homes ever! I swear, he lives in Mid-Century Mod heaven! I think every single photo he posts is my dream home unti I see the ones he posts the next day! I could drool over these houses all day long. I want one sooooo badly! The one I posted in this blog is one of my favorites. I would love to have a house like this surrounded by trees off in the woods somewhere. If you like this kind of architecture you must check out Modeling Mid-Century Modern. His wife is a realtor that specializes in Mid-Century Mod. She has some great houses posted on her blog at 5280 Mod. I sure wish she worked in my neighborhood!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

I have been gone all weekend visiting my mom for Mother's Day. It is so hard for me to get stuff done on the computer at her house. She has not joined the 21st century so she still has dial up. It takes me 5x longer to do anything at her house than at mine. I beg and beg but she hasn't given in yet. She has her service with some little independent local company. She loves that fact that when she calls she talks to a real person who is nice to her. She doesn't seem to care that her service is horrible! So, here is my belated post in honor of Mother's Day. I thought I would post a few pics of one of my favorite retro moms. Carol Brady had some groovy little mod outfits! She had a few fashion moments I wasn't fond of but sometimes she was way cool! I love the color combination in this outfit. The blue in the necklace really brings out her eyes. I also like her sassy little haircut. I was never a fan of the long shag thing she had towards the end of the series.

Ah, here is the gross hairct in this photo but I had to post it because I like the blouse she is wearing. It fits so well and I love the retro look of it.

I love the mod looking top she is wearing in this photo and the color red is always great. I recently bought a very similar brown top at H and M . I actually wore it yesterday for Mother's Day with a pair of white capris. I hope you all had a good Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bamabelle Bed Jacket

I am completely in love with this beautiful, vintage, lace bed jacket at Bamabelle. It is gorgeous and just the right price. I almost didn't want to mention it in my blog for fear that someone might buy it before I do. But, I have decided it may be a tad too big for me since I DO NOT have a size 40 bust! Bamabelle has some other great finds in her shop. I have read a number of forum posts by her on Etsy. She really seems to know her vintage clothing and she appears to be a very professional seller. I can't wait to make my first purchase at Bamabelle.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Dixie Square

As I mentioned in another recent post I have become totally enchanted with the blog Malls Of America, a blog about vintage shopping malls. I ignored this blog for weeks until I finally took a look at it. After reading a post there I have become obsessed with finding information about Dixie Square Mall. It is one of the most interesting things I've ever read about. It is a mall that closed in the 1970's (It was also the setting for the Blues Brothers car chase.) The mall is like a museum! Their are so many remnants of times past in this mall. This abandoned mall apparently has open (or non-existent) doors which allow anyone to wonder in. It is truly fascinating. I encourage you to read a little bit about it. I found this photo at Chuck's Photo Spot. It is a photograph taken in 2005 from a display in the Montgomery Ward's store in the Dixie Square Mall. I love the groovy, retro images. It's amazing to think something like this has lasted untouched for so long. If you are interested in this type of thing check out Chuck's Photo Spot. He has the best photos I've seen of Dixie Square Mall along with lots of other great photography. It also appears there is going to be a documentary film about this mall produced by Paw Filmworks.

Monday, May 7, 2007

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four

Retro Attic's MySpace profile has been featured at Blog Potato. Go check it out! There is a contest at Blog Potato each week where you can try to get your MySpace profile featured. I'm not sure why it is called Blog Potato but it got me thinking about Mr. Potato Head so I thought I would inclue this picture of him I found at Tinker Tailor's Photos. I think this Mr. Potato Head is a newer one. My Mr. Potato Head had a pipe if I recall correctly. You know that would NEVER be allowed today! It would be WAY too politically incorrect. It is hard to find photos of the older ones. I liked this one because he sort of looks like mine looked. Mr. Potato Head has gone through many, many looks over the years. Try giving him a Google Search and see what you come up with! I even saw a Mr. Potato Head dressed like Spider Man!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Tag You're It

OK, this is the second time I have done this post. Right when I was about to hit publish I lost the whole thing because my browser quit! : ( Here we go again. Apparently, I have been tagged by Bellacolle and Saffron.

The Rules:

--List seven random facts/habits about yourself
--Choose another seven bloggers to tag and list their names in your blog
--Leave your seven tagged bloggers comments to notify them of their tagging and to direct them to your blog for tag instructions.

1. I collect Raggedy any stuff. The most recent Raggedy Ann purchase I made was from Recy Vintage. It was an old Raggedy Ann filmstrip. My favorite Raggedy Ann item is a bean bag doll that I got when I was a baby. It looks just like this one I found at DKK Dolls.

2. I still have my orginal SWATCH watch. I found one just like it in a photo at Vegas Jones. It is the blue and green one on the left. It has a clear face so you can see the gears inside.

I always wanted a Jelly Fish Swatch because it was all clear and you could see everything inside instead of just a little bit. But, I noticed after people had them for a while they started turning yellow. Gross! So, I settled on mine instead. I found this Jelly Fish at Watch Report. I had to find these photos online because my Swatch is in my violin case at work. So, now you know fact number 3.

3. I have played the violin for over 20 years. One day my Swatch was bugging me when I was playing so I took it off and stuck it in my case. It has been there ever since. I really have never given it much thought and I don't know why after that day I never had the urge to put it on again. Bizarre!

4. At one time I owned a pair of pink Nikes. I don't mean white with a pink swoosh. I mean pink! I have looked all over for a photo of them but all I can find is this white pair from The Daily Sneaker. My pair looked exactly like this (They even came in the same lovely orange box.) except they were a lavendery/ pink sort of color and had velcro. Oh my, why didn't someone stop me!

5. When I was a kid (probably older than I should have been) I had Rainbow Brite bed sheets. I was only reminded of this because they were on the dryer when I was visiting my parents this weekend! What!? My parents have been cleaning out my grandmother's house. I can only hope they had been given to her to use in her sewing.

6. I used to have a 45 of Material Girl by Madonna. Actually, it is probably still under my old bed at my parent's house. It was probably one of the last 45's made.

7. Chewing gum grosses me out.

I tag:

Mid Century Modeling
Patterns From The Past
Miss Mish Mash
Lyndon Maxewell

If you've already been tagged please don't do it again and.....if you tag me again I won't be doing it either!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Do You Fondue?

I found this great little mushroom pot at Nice. I love it because it is sooooo retro looking. The mushrooms totally make me think of the 70's. It sort of looks like a fondue pot I guess. I love fondue. My friend and I always get together for fondue when her husband goes out of town for work since he doesn't like it. I think men consider fondue to be unmanly or something. I tried to convince my mom to fix fondue one night when I was visiting my parents. My dad would have no part of it. He said there was no way he was going to eat meat that had been cooked over a candle!!! A candle???? OK, whatever! There is no way you can argue with that kind of logic! Her 3 year old son was into the fondue but I'm sure that will change someday. I think his interest in the whole thing had to do with roasting marshmallows and not so much with the eating meat part.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Get Electrified!

After I started looking at The Electric Company clips last night I decided I need to continue the theme for another day! They are ALL so great! I wish I could post all of them here!! That might get a big long though. Just hearing the opening credits gives me such a warm cozy feeling! It's so weird that something you hardly remember the details of can be ingrained so deep inside you somewhere!

I remember thinking The Electric Company was so cool! It wasn't babyish like Sesame Street. Did you know all the kids on the show were called The Short Circus?? I didn't know that at all! I always liked Julie the girl with the long dark hair. I thought her hair was the greatest! And......Irene Cara from Fame was also in The Short Circus.

There were so many famous people like Morgan Freeman, Joan Rivers, Rita Moreno and Bill Cosby on The Electric Company. I've always wondered if they were famous at the time and offered their services because they knew it was a good cause or did the creators of the show just know how to pick the right talent!

Even the PBS station promo at the end of the closing credits makes me happy. When I hear that I feel like I am 5 years old back in my safe, warm, cozy bedroom.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Laundry Day

So, tonight was laundry night. While I waited for the laundry to get done I was thinking about what my blog would be for the day. I started thinking about all of the great retro laundry detergent commercials. I found this one with a lady from The Electric Company! Do you remember her? She had such a distinctive voice but I can't remember any other specific clips she was in on The Electric Company.

And, how could anyone who was alive possibly forget ring around the collar!!! This is one of those commericals used to instill fear in people about their hygiene habits. Did anyone really ever concern themselves with ring around the collar before this commercial. How many people REALLY have a problem with ring around the collar anyway?? I can't say it's something I ever worry about! The screaming kids and the ladies shocked face remind me of a horror movie.

Speaking of laundry has anyone tried the Cheer dye free, fragrance free detergent?? I decided to get it. I figured no dye and fragrance was a good thing. I don't like all of that stuff. I DON'T THINK IT WORKS! All of my clothes still seem dirty! I'd like to hear anyone else's experience with this detergent. Anyone else have a dye/ fragrance free detergent that actually gets their clothes clean???