Friday, June 29, 2007

Something Red

I know I just had a post about the Etsy treasury recently. I really am not that into the treasury like some people. But, I had a cool idea for a treasury so I picked out some things. Then I went to the treasury to see when the next one expired. It was going to be 2 days so I started to back out when I saw a yellow star! That means I was being featured in someone's treasury! What a thrill. I only know of one other time I've been featured in a treasury but I really don't go checking for yellow stars or anything so it's possible I've been in others and not even been aware of it. The wonderful seller Munieca featured me in her Something Red treasury If you go check it out you can see the vintage red and white bead necklace that is for sale in my store . It has a very retro flair. There is also a cool red retro purse by CynContemporary featured in this treasury. Munieca has great taste!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

That Girl

So......this is what my hair looked like today. I have That Girl hair!! I didn't even have to try to get it to do this. Seriously! It just does it! Actually it's a little shorter, just below my chin (I'm trying to let it grow out). Now I have this feeling That Girl went through a lot of trouble to get her hair to do this. I'm quite certain she just didn't get out of the shower and this happened. Yep, that's all I did! I took a shower and washed my hair and this is what it looked like when it dried, minus the big bangs. My question is this, is That Girl hair too weird for the year 2007? I need your fashion advice! Why didn't someone who lived in 1966 get this hair?? The other option to That Girl hair is blow drying it for 15 minutes while it's 95 degrees outside and needing to take another shower when I'm done because I'm so hot and sweaty and gross. Grow hair, grow!!!! I think when it gets longer I won't have this problem anymore.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pink Cotton Candy

I found this adorable pink cotton candy dress at iamsonotcool. I love this dress and I want to buy it but I'm not sure if it will fit. It is 17 inches from armpit to armpit. That is REALLY small. There are darts but I'm not sure how much room they will add. What do you all think? I wonder what size bust would fit in this dress. I WANT IT!!! I'm kind of small but I don't know if I'm THAT small. The mod little buttons are so cute. And, I love the detail in the zig zag stitching. I have a dress practically the same style that fits great. I guess I should drag it out and measure it. That's been my best bet for finding vintage clothes that fit. I find something I already own in the same style and then compare the measurements. Well, I'm off to get the tape measure.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mod Madness

I just got a treasury on Etsy today. It is one of the first treasuries I've had in a long time. You can check it out at Mod Madness . It features lots of great retro items from great Etsy sellers. If you are not familiar with Etsy it is an online shopping venue for handcrafted items, vintage items, and crafting supplies. If you are not familiar with the treasury it is a really cool way for Etsy members to feature their favorite Etsy sellers. You can find some really beautiful things in the treasury. It was just revamped and seems to be a little buggy at the moment but if you check the link on the main treasury page you can get more info about the treasury and how you can feature some of your favorite Etsy sellers

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!!! Here is one of my all time favorite retro TV dads! I knew I was geting old when I realized Gidget's dad was not only a cool dad but kind of cute too!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

She's Open For Business

In April I did a blog on an amazing artist named Jenn Ski. She was just getting ready to open her own website at Well, she's finally open for business! She has some pieces up at this site that I've never seen before. They are all so great. I HAVE to buy one after I move. I was reading the forums on Etsy today. There was a thread about your favorite off Etsy artist. I was going to post about Jenn Ski but I thought I would do an Etsy search JUST to make sure she wasn't on Etsy. It turns out she has been on Etsy for 2 days!! She has an awesome Etsy shop. I hope everyone will go check her site out. She says she has some other goodies coming like housewares and stationary. I can't wait!

Vintage Wedding Ring?

I know I said I would update a lot more this summer but it's just been crazy! Things are not completely finalized with my new job so I've been dealing with that. In the midst of trying to get my house clean for the realtor my great aunt died. Our family is very close and she had no children so we were like her grandkids. I didn't think I would be so upset when she died but it's very sad to think she won't be around anymore. She lived a long happy life though. She was 96 years old and still in great shape in so many ways. She was as with it mentally as you or I. Her body just finally give out on her. We are glad it happened very quickly because she never wanted to be in a nursing home and really had no one to take care of her. Thankfully she got her wish! My grandma is in charge of her estate and most of her stuff was left to us. We went to her house the other day to look around and take anything we wanted. It was really sad to be there like vultures rifling through someone else's things but that is what she wanted. I'm happy because I feel like I got something really special. In her jewlery box I found a ring that was just a plain band. It was VERY black and corroded and looked like a piece of junk. No one wanted it so I decided to take it and see if I could shine it up. I didn't really think I would be able to. Surprisingly it shined up very nicely! We are now wondering if it possibly could have been her husband's wedding ring. He was a man who died when he was only 58 and I never knew him. It is a plain silver band that has some grooved lines going around it. Many of them are worn away which means this ring must have been worn A LOT which is why we think it might be a wedding ring. I'm sure this ring must be at least 50 or 60 years old and possibly older than that. It was my vintage find for the weekend! It fits on my largest finger so I think I will wear it for a while as a reminder of my aunt. She was the type of lady who didn't have a lot of stuff but she saved lots of special little trinkets over the years that were very meaningful to her. I know she would be happy that someone else also found some of her things special. I will probably eventually blog about some more of her things. I got a few interesting vintage scarves including one from Italy. I promise I will try to update more often. Things should calm down at the end of next week!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright

I love Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture. I never thought of looking him up on YouTube until I found a link to this cool video at Lotta Living. Lotta Living has a great message board where you can discuss all things mod. I was also not familiar with this song by Simon and Garfunkel. Now I'm off to go watch more Frank Lloyd Wright videos on YouTube.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Fashion Dig

I just spent an hour messing around on this new site I found called Fashion Dig. I still haven't looked at the whole thing but it's seems to be a really great place. They have a nice forum that could use a little more action. You should go check it out! They are also a selling venue. I found this great dress/ coat set at Orlando Vintage on Fashion Dig. Orlando Vintage has some other really great items in their shop like this leopard print dress that comes with a turban! This totally looks like something Mrs. Robinson would wear in the graduate! I'm going to have to look around and check this place out some more. I encourage you to come and participate in the forums. There are several other vintage sellers who participate.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Marvelous Mary Quant

After taking the mod quiz last night I decided to do some surfing to find out more about Mary Quant. I LOVE her style! She is known for popularizing the mini skirt and hot pants and was a British designer who studied illustration at Goldsmiths College. She owned a popular clothing store in London called Bazaar. Mary Quant claimed the shortening of the skirts during the 60's was very practical because it allowed a woman to run for a bus. Sounds good to me! She also invented many of the colored and patterned tights that were often worn with the miniskirts. Quant was at the height of her fame during the mid 60's. She has been referred to as the high priestess of 60's fashion. Her website is at Mary Quant. There are some beautiful images of her work at this site. She currently has a makeup line. I found this lovely dress she designed at Victoria and Albert Museum. This is a fascinating site I will have to check out some more later. I love this stylish little red dress! It doesn't help that red is one of my favorite colors! Since this dress is in a museum somewhere I guess there probably isn't much of chance that I will ever get to own it! I found a very similar dress at Laura Beth's Vintage. Laura Beth has some lovely item's in her shop!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What Sort Of Mod Are You?

I'm avoiding cleaning the house so I can have the realtor over. It's such a mess and it's my vacation. I just want to do nothing! So, in the process of procrastinating I came across another fun quiz I thought you all might like. I don't know how accurate it is but the results generate some lovely photos!

What sort of Mod are you?

Basic Brit Mod-You're the originator of mod style. You like scooters, doing the twist and drinking rum and coke, just like a good mod should.
Take this quiz

I Quit!

Sorry I haven't been good about updating lately. I finally quit my job on Thursday! You know, the awful one I was writing about recently. I quit AND I'm going to be moving! I'm really scared and really nervous. I keep telling myself there is only room to go up! At least I hope! The one thing that has me excited is the thought of possibly buying a house that looks like this, maybe a little bit smaller. I found this house at 5280 Mod Right now I live in an older style house because that's all there is where I live. When I move if I get lucky I should be able to find a much more modern house. Right now I'm tying up all the loose ends at work. As soon as that is done I should have a lot more time to update the blog. I promise! In the mean time I any calming words are appreciated! I'm so nervous about the new job! I won't start until August.