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Friday, July 6, 2007

Bakelite Couture

Not too long ago I did a blog where I mentioned an amazing bakelite artist called Bakelite Couture. Bakelite Couture has just opened a new store at Bakelite Couture by Olof Bridgeford is a line of Bakelite Art Jewelry made using only Genuine Vintage Bakelite. All pieces are cut, carved & polished by hand using the same techniques & processes as the master Bakelite jewelry makers of the 1930's & 40's. Pieces range in style from Traditional to Geometric & Art Deco, specializing in High End Investment Quality pieces that are either one of a kind or limited. Bakelite Couture pieces can be found in a number of major US Collections as well as in England, Japan, France, Germany, Australia & New Zealand. Bakelite Couture accepts special orders & commission work & is always happy to collaborate with a client to create exactly the piece they want. The integrity of every piece is guaranteed to be of the finest quality. Her work is amazing!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Chicago Chic

I spent the weekend in Chicago which explains the lack of blog posts the past few days. In honor of my trip I thought I would do a few Chicago shout outs in my blog. I just came across this cool shop located in Chicago called Lasting Values There is some nice bakelite jewelry at this shop. I really like this green marbeled bakelite bracelet.

Speaking of bakelite.....I love the work of this artist I found on MySpace. She has a business called Bakelite Couture. She makes the most beautiful jewelry out of vintage bakelite. I really like this mod looking ring.

These bracelets are just beautiful! If you want to buy me a Christmas present one of these will do!

OK, back to Chicago. I wish I would have had some time to see some Frank Lloyd Wright houses while I was in Chicago. I LOVE his architecture. I would like to see the Robie house sometime. It was completed in 1910 and it looks like it was built yesterday! Talk about being ahead of your time!