Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm Back!

I'm back for now! I have been soooooo busy! I feel like my life has been a swirling tornado for over a year. I have moved and gotten a new job. Then I was having some boy issues! Ugh! I have still been keeping an eye on my eCRATER shop but that is about all I've had time for. I have been home sick all day and been spending a lot of time surfing the web. I decided to visit my blog and found all of these wonderfully sweet comments that I didn't even realize people had left me. So, it inspired me to leave an entry. I have moved into a new house which I decided a long time ago would be the subject of at least one new entry. I was not able to move into quite as cool of a mid-century mod house as I woud have liked but it's not bad. My parents owned it and gave me a deal I couldn't resist. It had previously been owned by an older lady who probably hadn't redecorated since the 1960's but had kept everything in immaculate condition. I had planned to take lots of pictures of the house to post about. But because the drama created by a stupid boy has kept me preoccupied for over a year I was just lucky to get it remodeled and redecorated. Taking pictures and blogging was too much for me to think about. But, I will try to find some images to illustrate for you.

The first thing I will share with you is the dishwasher. It was the VERY first thing I HAD to replace in the house. It had to have been the first dishwasher ever created! It was very cool looking but didn't clean a single dish. It had a wood paneled front that matched the cabinets. My mom insisted I should try to keep it and put it on the front of my new dishwasher but I told her that wasn't going to happen! Though, it does seem that look is coming back in style again. You could tell it was so old just by the font of the brand name on the front. I want to say it was a Frigidaire but I'm not for sure. The inside of this dishwasher was turquoise blue! It matched the shag carpet in my family room which I will get to later. It had big metal push buttons. I have looked all over online and can't find a pic of a similar one. I am kicking myself for not taking pictures!! I will have to look around and see if I have an instruction manual somewhere foe the dishwasher that gives the date for it. It had to have been at least the 60's!


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