Sunday, July 29, 2007

Valiant Efforts

I'm sorry to say I think I lied a while back ago when I said I would be blogging more soon. I have really been trying but it just seems like this summer has been out of control. I'm still not moved yet so I'm dealing with lots of house stuff. This past weekend my car died. Just in case you don't know......when the engine light on your car comes on it means STOP! I was on a 2 hour trip home when my engine light came on. Last time that happened I hadn't put my gas cap on tight enough so I thought it was no big deal. Everything else seemed fine! About 10 minutes later I noticed the temperature gauge was running all the way past the H. Still things seemed good, no steam was coming out so I turned off the AC and kept going. By this time I was 15 minutes from home and decided I just needed to get there! Well 5 minutes from home (thank goodness it was that close) my car completely died! Steam was coming out and it was bad! I think I might have to get a new car! So, while checking out the car dealers I saw this cool little car! It's a 1960 Dodge Valiant so I'm not quite sure why it was in the lot of the local Honda dealer. Anyway, I have always thought this was a cool little car. When I was in high school a good friend had one (and it was vintage at that time too!). He would take us to lunch everday in this awesome little car. I always thought it was so neat that instead of having the typical gear shifter it had buttons on the dashboard you had to push to select the differenty gears. Maybe someone else who knows a lot about cars can give us some more infor on this car. The only thing I know about cars is what looks cute! And, I definitely think this car is a cutie!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Kiss Me, Kill Me

I saw the coolest movie late last night on some strange local station. It was called Kiss Me, Kill Me. It was an Italian movie that is apparently also known as Baba Yaga. It was a really creepy, weird, suspense movie. If you don't like weird you WOULD NOT like this movie. Also beware, there was some nudity. So, if that's not your thing stay away. OK, now that I got the warninigs out of the way I can go on! I knew I was going to love it the minute it started. The music was fabulous and the opening credits were oh so retro! The opening credits were full of these very retro black and white drawings. This movie is from 1973 and these images immediately made me feel like I was right there. The star of the movie is a woman named Valentina played by Isabelle De Funes. I don't know who she is but she is absolutely beautiful. I was particularly in love with her hair! It was totally a 60's Vidal Sassoon look! Don't you think? This is what my hair used to look like before I let it grow into the That Girl look I wrote about recently. I'm not really aiming for the That Girl look! It's just a stop along the way to bigger (Well maybe not BIGGER. The 80's are definitely not the look I'm going for!) and better things. But, Isabelle De Funes makes me want my bob back!!! Don't you just love her hair?? I think it's so funky looking! I think I would have worn every outfit she wore in this movie over 30 years ago! She sort of had that hip beatnik thing going on with her turtlenecks. And the boots the witch has on in one of the first scenes when she gets out of the car would make Imelda Marcos cry! You need to watch this movie if for no other reason just to look at the beautiful images and style. If you're not interested in the story turn the sound down! Apparently this movie is done in the Giallo style. I don't totally understand what that is but if this movie is a good representation of it I hope to see more! I don't know if this is a movie you can get at your local Blockbuster but you know Amazon. They've got everything! The Amazon listing has this movie coming out in 1976. That must be the English version.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Bakelite Couture

Not too long ago I did a blog where I mentioned an amazing bakelite artist called Bakelite Couture. Bakelite Couture has just opened a new store at Bakelite Couture by Olof Bridgeford is a line of Bakelite Art Jewelry made using only Genuine Vintage Bakelite. All pieces are cut, carved & polished by hand using the same techniques & processes as the master Bakelite jewelry makers of the 1930's & 40's. Pieces range in style from Traditional to Geometric & Art Deco, specializing in High End Investment Quality pieces that are either one of a kind or limited. Bakelite Couture pieces can be found in a number of major US Collections as well as in England, Japan, France, Germany, Australia & New Zealand. Bakelite Couture accepts special orders & commission work & is always happy to collaborate with a client to create exactly the piece they want. The integrity of every piece is guaranteed to be of the finest quality. Her work is amazing!