Sunday, April 22, 2007

Celebrate Earth Day In A Retro Way

I decided I should do a blog in honor of Earth Day. While trying to think of my angle I thought of Smokey the Bear and Woodsy The Owl. When I was a kid I remember how huge these 2 characters were in promoting care for the Earth to kids. I think at one time or another I owned every piece of Smokey the Bear advertising in the photo below. Do these 2 characters even exist anymore? I never see them on TV or any of the other places I saw them as a kid. I found these vintage Smokey and Woodsy advertising items at Vintage Depot Direct. There is a lot of really neat vintage advertising in this store.

What about earth shoes? Did you ever wear a pair of those things?? For your sake I hope not! They are as ugly as can be. But if you are really think you need to have a pair to round out your wardrobe you can get a vintage pair in the orginal box at Dress That Man. They have lots of other cool vintage items also. Take some time and shop around!

I have recently stumbled upon a world of crafters who recycle vintage items to make some of the most amazing art! In the process they are also doing their part to help the environment. One of my favorites is Lori Marsha. Here is some of her amazing work!


lyndonmaxewell said...

Wow, I would agree with you. The Lori's craftwork is real exotic and nice! Wish I could have gotten one of those for my gf though. :D

saffron said...

Great post! I think the Forest Service has retired Woodsy, but Smokey is alive and well. He's posted all over on signs on the drive up the mountain where I live. I guess you have to actually go to the forests to see him these days. I'm loving your blog!