Monday, April 2, 2007

The Light Of My Life

Starting this blog has gotten me thinking about this lamp for the past few days. This is the lamp on my bedside table. I absolutely LOVE it! It has been there for 15- 20 years, long before the rest of my retro romance began! Don't you think this should have been some kind of sign of what was to come? It's kind of like the little gay boy who played with Barbie Dolls! Shouldn't someone have put 2 and 2 together?? (I know, I know! Playing with Barbies dolls doesn't mean you're gay! I'm just sayin!) My dad gave me this lamp. He calls it the mushroom cloud lamp. He got it at some antique shop. That is the cool thing about having a dad who is into antiques. If he gets something that I end up totally falling in love with he will give it to me! It doesn't matter what it is. If he knows I truly love it, it's mine! He isn't this way with everything! Just the antiques! According to him this lamp is probably worth a good amount of money. I'm no lamp expert so I don't know. I just know that every day I fall more and more in love with it. And.....every day I become more and more paranoid about it getting broken, especially now that I have a kitten that is in need of ritalin! This cat who can't weigh more than 7 pounds managed to knock over an entire dresser!! Yes, yes, yes, I know it sounds unbelievable but it's absolutely true. There was some complicated physics involving an open dresser drawer involved in the whole incident. Back to the lamp! Did I say I love it? Every time I move it gets packed in it's own box inside the biggest towel I own which is the size of a blanket. It gets its own special place riding in the car with me. There is no way movers would ever be permitted to touch the mushroom cloud lamp. I also have a fancy self defense plan which involves the mushroom cloud lamp in case some rapist ever breaks into my bedroom in the middle of the night. The base of the lamp is extremely heavy. So........I have decide that if I can keep my wits about me in the heat of the moment, gently remove the shade and place it in the safety of my soft fluffy bed the base of the lamp would be an amazing tool of death to wack some intruder over the head with! If you want your own mushroom cloud lamp you might check out 20thcenturydesignsny. There are some amazing space age items for the home in this shop.


Claire said...

WOW!!! you so much remind me about how i'm feeling now, nearly cried when i just lost 2 identical guzzini mushroom shades on ebay, oculd go on but thanks for the info on the website x C

Anonymous said...

hi, i live in Scotland and had the most amazing find that i know you will love! my husband and i were driving past a car boot sale when i saw what looked like a really cool floor lamp, we stopped the car and had a look. the two ladies that were selling it told me apologeticly that it was really old, but i loved the look of it so bought it for £7.00. got it home and cleaned it up, looked after it, and switched it on. it looks amazing in my lounge. nice one i thought. saw it the next day in a magazine in the doctors surgery and it turns out i got me an original Guzzini brown mushroom lamp!! and i love it! never heard of them before, now i want the table lamp and the lampshade!! hooked or what?! hee hee!
dawn xx

Anonymous said...

Well, it's 2 years after you posted your nostalgic note about the "mushroom cloud lamp" and I'm writing to tell you I have -no- HAD one, too! Mine has a heavy metal yellow base and one of my dogs bumped the table it was on (I knew it would happen) and the white glass shade broke into a million pieces. While looking everywhere online for a replacement, I came across your nostalgic blog. I don't know how long I'll search for the replacement, but wish me luck!