Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I Quit!

Sorry I haven't been good about updating lately. I finally quit my job on Thursday! You know, the awful one I was writing about recently. I quit AND I'm going to be moving! I'm really scared and really nervous. I keep telling myself there is only room to go up! At least I hope! The one thing that has me excited is the thought of possibly buying a house that looks like this, maybe a little bit smaller. I found this house at 5280 Mod Right now I live in an older style house because that's all there is where I live. When I move if I get lucky I should be able to find a much more modern house. Right now I'm tying up all the loose ends at work. As soon as that is done I should have a lot more time to update the blog. I promise! In the mean time I any calming words are appreciated! I'm so nervous about the new job! I won't start until August.

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tigergirl said...

I'd be excited at the prospect of owning a house like that too!