Saturday, June 16, 2007

She's Open For Business

In April I did a blog on an amazing artist named Jenn Ski. She was just getting ready to open her own website at Well, she's finally open for business! She has some pieces up at this site that I've never seen before. They are all so great. I HAVE to buy one after I move. I was reading the forums on Etsy today. There was a thread about your favorite off Etsy artist. I was going to post about Jenn Ski but I thought I would do an Etsy search JUST to make sure she wasn't on Etsy. It turns out she has been on Etsy for 2 days!! She has an awesome Etsy shop. I hope everyone will go check her site out. She says she has some other goodies coming like housewares and stationary. I can't wait!

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