Sunday, May 6, 2007

Tag You're It

OK, this is the second time I have done this post. Right when I was about to hit publish I lost the whole thing because my browser quit! : ( Here we go again. Apparently, I have been tagged by Bellacolle and Saffron.

The Rules:

--List seven random facts/habits about yourself
--Choose another seven bloggers to tag and list their names in your blog
--Leave your seven tagged bloggers comments to notify them of their tagging and to direct them to your blog for tag instructions.

1. I collect Raggedy any stuff. The most recent Raggedy Ann purchase I made was from Recy Vintage. It was an old Raggedy Ann filmstrip. My favorite Raggedy Ann item is a bean bag doll that I got when I was a baby. It looks just like this one I found at DKK Dolls.

2. I still have my orginal SWATCH watch. I found one just like it in a photo at Vegas Jones. It is the blue and green one on the left. It has a clear face so you can see the gears inside.

I always wanted a Jelly Fish Swatch because it was all clear and you could see everything inside instead of just a little bit. But, I noticed after people had them for a while they started turning yellow. Gross! So, I settled on mine instead. I found this Jelly Fish at Watch Report. I had to find these photos online because my Swatch is in my violin case at work. So, now you know fact number 3.

3. I have played the violin for over 20 years. One day my Swatch was bugging me when I was playing so I took it off and stuck it in my case. It has been there ever since. I really have never given it much thought and I don't know why after that day I never had the urge to put it on again. Bizarre!

4. At one time I owned a pair of pink Nikes. I don't mean white with a pink swoosh. I mean pink! I have looked all over for a photo of them but all I can find is this white pair from The Daily Sneaker. My pair looked exactly like this (They even came in the same lovely orange box.) except they were a lavendery/ pink sort of color and had velcro. Oh my, why didn't someone stop me!

5. When I was a kid (probably older than I should have been) I had Rainbow Brite bed sheets. I was only reminded of this because they were on the dryer when I was visiting my parents this weekend! What!? My parents have been cleaning out my grandmother's house. I can only hope they had been given to her to use in her sewing.

6. I used to have a 45 of Material Girl by Madonna. Actually, it is probably still under my old bed at my parent's house. It was probably one of the last 45's made.

7. Chewing gum grosses me out.

I tag:

Mid Century Modeling
Patterns From The Past
Miss Mish Mash
Lyndon Maxewell

If you've already been tagged please don't do it again and.....if you tag me again I won't be doing it either!


Blog Potato said...

Your blog is great!

Miss Mish Mish said...

This is great, i enjoyed reading your "seven facts"! Thanks for tagging me, i had never heard of this game before :)

Sophiagurl said...

this is my first time to be tagged as well, hope i'll be good at it=)

Sophiagurl said...
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saffron said...

Oh, what a bummer about your first post not working!! I'm so sorry, I know, it's a lot of work! Thanks for participating. I love the swatches and Rainbow brite sheets! Cool stuff!

bellacolle said...

Wahooo! great list! I still have one of my Swatches and all of my Madonna albums! Cool!

bellacolle said...
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Karen Beth said...

Where on earth did you ever find lavendery pink tennis shoes like that?! Those must have been FAB! :) Great list!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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